Here is a list of the trips I’ve documented in this blog, along with an itinerary for each and links to the matching blog posts (links will open in a separate window so you can keep this page up):

Netherlands, Belgium, and London – 2015

  • July 3-4: Getting There
  • July 4-9: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • July 9-11: Delft, Netherlands
  • July 11-13: Brussels, Belgium
  • July 13-16: Brugge, Belgium (aka Bruges)
  • July 16-18: London, England
  • July 19: Home, aka Raleigh Looks Great From Up Here

Paris, Morocco, and Spain – Dec. 2009 – Jan. 2010

A complete blogging failure. Being in Paris on New Year’s Eve was great fun, Marrakesh was amazing, and it was cold and wet in Spain but I still loved Barcelona.

Scotland and Norway – 2008

Two weeks in Scotland in June, followed by a two-week Norwegian fjords cruise

Ireland – 2007

I traveled to Belfast and Dublin in May, 2007, with a group of George Mason University MBA student, visiting businesses in both cities. After the end of our week together, I explored other areas of the Republic of Ireland on my own.

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